• Administrator of KASB Modaraba:

    The Registrar Modaraba, Securities & exchange Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad has appointed Mr. Khawaja Waheed Raza as Administrator of KASB Modaraba vide order dated April 03, 2019. All the powers and duties of the Modaraba Company as well as those of its Directors have been assumed by the Administrator effective April 08, 2019

  • Chief Financial Officer:

    Aftab Afroz Mahmoodi

  • Company Secretary:

    Syed Shahid Owais

  • Auditor:

    RSM Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman, Chartered Accountants

  • Internal Auditor:

    EY Ford Rhodes

  • Certificate Transfer Office (Share Registrar):

    C&K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
    404, Trade Tower,
    Abdullah Haroon Road,
    Near Metropole Hotel,
    Telephone-021-35687839 – 021-35685930

  • Legal Advisor:

    Ahmed & Qazi
    S & B Durrani Law Associates

  • Registered Office & Head Office: Phone: 021-35630621, 35630623, 35630625, 35630626

    5th Floor Office # B, Lakson Square Building # 1, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Opposite Press Club, Karachi
    Phone: 021-35630621, 35630623, 35630625, 35630626

  • Web Address: www.kasbmodaraba.com
  • Symbol Listing:

    ListListed on:
    Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (www.psx.com.pk)
    Symbol of KASB Modaraba assigned by all two stock exchanges: KASBM"

  • Company Registration Number:

    Company Registration No.5 (21) REG-MOD/90

  • National Tax Number:

    NTN No. 0698171-2

  • Membership:
    • NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan
    • Pakistan Stock Exchange
    • Karachi Chamber of Commerece & Industry
  • Email: